Binwalk Review

Introduction Binwalk can be consider as a tools for searching any binary image that will used for identifying any embedded files and executable code that resides inside the firmware. Binwalk […]

Cybersecurity Market

There is a lot of CyberSecurity issues that occur within the organization especially CyberAttack that coming from the attacker out there. Due to a lot of attacks that related to […]

Vulnerabilities Assessment vs Penetration Testing

In this post, I would like to share the difference between Vulnerabilities Assessment vs Penetration Testing during real-life security testing. However, some organizations might want to do Vulnerabilities Assessment and […]

Zoom’s Vulnerability Security Measure

Due to recent bugs or vulnerabilities in Zoom Application that have exposed to the public, Zoom has announced some security measures to ensure their customer’s privacy. Zoom Application is one […]

Cyber Security Framework

Introduction Cybersecurity Framework is a framework that will be based on existing global standards, guidelines and practices for any organization to improve their managing global policies and avoid any risk […]

PhoneSploit Android Mobile Debug Tool

PhoneSploit is a new tool that would be exploiting Android Mobile Devices by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The tools can be running within the Windows Operating System and Linux […]

Machine Language IA-32 Assembly

Machine Language is a must knowledge that IT-related staff learns during their studies era. Malware Researcher can be considered as one of the fields that Machine Language can use in […]