Drupal and Cisco Patch Update

A few vulnerabilities have been found lately on the Chrome browser in the wild. The latest vulnerabilities have been found in Drupal and Cisco where they have addressed the vulnerabilities […]

Zero-Trust is a new security paradigm

Due to the situation that occurs right now, all organizations will need to implement a new security model such as Zero-Trust. For those who are new to this procedure, Zero-Trust […]

Google Chrome will hold its release

Recently, Chrome have been paused its release to the public due to Coronavirus. The release was supposed to be roll out on last Tuesday as one of part of six-week […]

Policies that organization should implement

When talking about policies that the organization should be implemented would differ from each other. However, some organization will need to put some effort into building and maintain a security […]

Pentest Tool Framework

Pentest Tools Framework is a Penetration Testing tool that uses several exploits database with scanners. The interface looks identical to Metasploit with a simple type of UI/UX design for beginner […]

Security Guideline for System and Machine

Security Baseline can be considered as one of the important checklists that needed to ensure the system and application been secured from been compromised. A System Administrator, Developer, and User […]

Old IOT Malware Comeback

An old IOT Malware called Conficker which has made a comeback in the year 2020. This IOT Malware was first discovered in the year 2008 that has exploited the bug […]

SMBv3.11 Vulnerability

Recently, there is a vulnerability related to SMBv3.1 (CVE-2020-0796) that been released without any patch during that time. SMB which also known as Server Message Block Protocol is a network […]

Vulnerabilities in Encapsulation

Encapsulation as people might have aware is a programming statement that been defined when it wrapping up the data under a single unit code. The main function would be to […]

Google Android Multiple Vulnerabilities

Last month, there is a vulnerability related to Mediatek Google Android where it will allow the attacker that has a malicious purpose to get root privilege on the Android Device. […]