Windows 10 will uninstall buggy update

Lately, Windows 10 have automatically uninstall any recent update that will causing a wreaking havoc within Operating System. The reason of this activity is that mostly of the update cannot […]


What is Exiftool? Exiftool is an open source tool that read, write and edit any meta related to Jpeg, Pdf, Audio, and Video. The purpose of Exiftool is that differentiation […]

CVE-2019-5786 Chrome Vulnerability

What is CVE-2019-5786? Recently, Chrome Vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786) exploit is in the wild and it has caught the attention of Justin Schuh, Google Chrome’s security lead and engineering director. He has […]

Access Control

What is Access Control? Access Control is a one of the central of security policy where it focuses on the control policy for the user to access the authentication files […]

Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day Vulnerability

What is Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day? Recently, Adobe have released an patch for the Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day for the following effected version: ColdFusion 11 ColdFusion 2016 ColdFusion 2018 The vulnerabilities been […]

Web Application assessment tools

When we talk about Web Application assessment tools, most of us will think about Acunetix, and Nikto where it can be consider as popular nowdays. Web Application Assessment approach is […]