Kali Linux 2017.3

Recently, Kali Linux have released their latest version which is 2017.3. There’s some update on a few tools like cuckoo, Burpsuite, Reaver and some more. However, there also a new […]

Oracle Critical Patch Update

Last week, ERPscan have reveal on the vulnerabilities that effected the Oracle Server application called “Tuxedo”. For those are not familiar with the Oracle Tuxedo, can read about it at here […]

IcedID trojan

What is IcedID and How it spread? IcedID is a new trojan that been found in the banking scene where it still in the first development. Similiar to Trickbox and […]

TOR bug

Recently, there have been found a bug in TOR whether using http or HTTPs that been triggered where it’s known as “TORMOIL” a members of TOR project have provided a […]